Rite of Passage - Recap

For those of you who missed out this weekend, Saturday was a great day for UB!  Six athletes (Anita, Man, Dave H., Max, Brigitte, and Austin S.) all went over to Speed Power Strength in Oakland to compete in their first sanctioned olympic weightlifting meet.... and they killed it!

 What makes an oly meet so different from a CrossFit competition?  I'm glad you asked.  At an oly meet, athletes lift one at a time on a staged platform.  They lift alone with three judges and a seated audience... while donning the notorious and o-so-sexy oly singlet.  For those who have yet to compete or attend such an event, the experience can be a little nerve-racking to say the least.

Here's how team UB did:


  • Anita: snatch - 47K (103#) / clean & jerk - 62K (137#)/ total - 109K (240#)
  • Man: snatch - 45K (99#) / clean & jerk - 60K (132#)/ total - 105K (231#)
  • Dave: snatch - 65K (143#)/ clean & jerk - 85K (187#)/ total - 150K (331#)
  • Max: snatch - 83K (183#) / clean & jerk - 102K (225#)/ total - 185K (408#)
  • Brigitte: snatch - 40K (88#) / clean & jerk - 60K (132#)/ total - 100K (220#)
  • Austin: snatch - 80K (176#) / clean & jerk - 115K (254#)/ total - 195K (430#) (Austin's was unofficially deemed "best singlet" by SPS staff)


Have you ever thought of giving an oly meet a shot?  Talk to one of the six who put it all on the platform... I bet they'll tell you to go for it!