Post Thanksgiving Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving.  It's a time to appreciate the good in our lives.  It's an easy thing to do when you've gotten a raise or a PR and things are going your way.  But it's also easy to lose sight of it in face of the daily grind, or larger concerns like poor health or job security.  Thanksgiving can help bring the good back into focus.  One week later, (you may just think it's the tryptophan talking) I'm still on the turkey day high, and have been doing a lot of reflection. I was looking through some sentiments Olivia and I shared when we first opened our doors, and I wanted to share them as they still ring true today.  

I meet new people every day. That in itself is something to be thankful for, but I'm even luckier than that - I get to hear about their goals, their dreams, the perceived or real obstacles in their lives, and the general state of their bodies and minds. That's a lot of information to give a stranger, yet people trust that I'm here to help. And that's my job - to help you get what you want. After the first meeting, I get to see people challenge themselves in very real ways. I see people at the end of their physical and mental rope - and I see them smile afterwards.  I see muscles growing, posture straightening, attitudes readjusting, lives changing. What an honour it is to be witness to those changes - It's something that I'm thankful for every day. ~ Olivia

CrossFit showed me how to at my best and continue to expect more from myself.  Coaching CrossFit showed me I could turn my passion for helping people empower themselves into a daily practice.  Olivia helped me create a place where not only do we get to do this every day, but we get to do it with a wacky, supportive, ever-growing family of misfits who impress me everyday with their dedication and strength (both inside and out).  I am thankful, everyday, to be a parent of such an family.  United Barbell has changed my life, filled my heart, and given me my vision for what's possible.  Thank you! ~ Jenny