Holiday Schedule Reminder

We hope you have a terrific holiday, no matter what you celebrate!  Here is a reminder of our holiday schedule this coming week:

  • December 23th (Friday): No L2 classes.  All other classes remain the same
  • December 24th (Saturday): 9:30A Holiday WOD with Coach Max
  • December 25th (Sunday): 9:30A Holiday WOD with Coach Jason
  • December 26th - 30th (Mon - Fri): 6:30A, 6:30P classes only. *
  • December 31st: Normal classes
  • January 1st: 9:30A Holiday WOD with Coach Steve
  • January 2nd: Normal schedule resumes for our traditional Jan 2nd CrossFit Total!

* There will be no open gym 12/26 - 12/30.  Classes will be capped at 35 people.  All "gym access only" members will be granted access to classes this week with no extra charge.