Farewell Renee

This has been a crazy year, no matter how you slice it.  Renee, unfortunately, had an extra dose of tragedy when she lost her sister.  Being the inspiring woman she is, Renee immediately started the process to become the legal guardians for her two nephews.  Renee has worked around the clock to be a available to the boys while also maintaining rockstar mom status with her two little ladies at home.  In the face of tragedy she has shown us all what it means to rise up and just keep swimming.

As life settles down for Renee, her family is relocating to Davis for their next chapter.  We are sad to see this woman go - her positivity, relentless determination, and sense of humor will all be greatly missed.

Please wish Renee the best of luck in Davis and join us for her farewell WOD this Wednesday at 6:30AM.  The WOD you ask?  Renee has requested a WOD that, much like life, is full of surprises: The Deck of Death.  See you there!