The Weekly Dose of Awesome

It's I thought it was a great day to talk about not just one, but a group of stellar individuals.... your coaches!

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It may seem easy, but your coach does a lot in an hour. They pre-planned your warmup. They manage the hour. They demo the movements. They fix poor movement.  They explain the functionality of movement.  They remember your injuries and and help you scale appropriately. They are a confidant, friend, advisor and cheerleader.  They help you forget your day, accomplish your goals, and help you achieve superstar status.  And during it all, they are making it fun for everyone, no matter the WOD.  

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UB has some of the greatest coaches around.  These folks are obsessed with learning, moving and being better athletes and coaches.  They want nothing more than to raise the bar for quality coaching with every class they teach.  They never settle.  They are the epitome of awesome.  

Whether you're getting swole from Steve's SWOD program, finding new ranges of motion with Nikki, leveling up with Colleen, hollow bodying with Shannon, nerding out on oly with Shaheen, setting intention with Jason, playing warm up games with Joanna, getting technical with Jon, getting your weekend warrior on with Max, Olivia and I trust your are being pushed to be your best self.  Take a moment and tell your coach you appreciate them!  They do it all for you!

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