An Early Dose of Awesome

We interrupt our normal Tuesday morning broadcast for a special dose of awesome/farewell post.  Today is Kim's last day at UB!  Kim joined the UB crew during her fellowship pursuit at UCSF and made fast friends with many in our community. Now she has graduated (we couldn't be prouder!) and it ready for her next chapter.

I think Coach Colleen put it best -

United Barbell is so much more than a CrossFit gym, it is a family and it’s never easy to see a piece of that family move away. Kim has become apart of that family and a dear friend to us all. Her ability to listen, laugh, and jump in on a workout with you when you need some great company will be only some of the many things we will miss about Kim. Kim we will miss you more than you know. You will always have your UB family here for you no matter where you go!

Kim, you will be missed!  We hope you will visit us, and think of us when you play with barbells.