The Open: All You Need To Know

The Open Basics

Workout Windows
16.1: Feb. 25 - 29
16.2: March 3 - 7
16.3: March 10 - 14
16.4 March 17 - 21
16.5 March 24 - 28

The week's workout is released each Thursday at 5 p.m. PT. Each time a workout is released, athletes will be given two versions: Rx'd and Scaled. With reduced loading or less challenging movements, the Scaled option will be designed to be accessible to the vast majority of athletes who train in CrossFit affiliates. Rx'd will challenge the world's elite.

You can complete the workouts at a participating CrossFit affiliate in front of a judge, or film your performance from anywhere you want and submit a link as proof. 

Make sure to submit your score before score submissions close each Monday at 5 p.m. PT. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Friday Night Fights

While the Open runs, our Friday class WOD will be the Open WOD - so if you attend a class on Friday, you're going to be doing the Open WOD.

As is tradition, we will have one evening class on Friday night at 5pm and the rest of the evening will be Open heats, starting from 6:30pm. We will have staff on hand to help sign you up for a heat. You should plan to come early or stick around later to judge an athlete.


Team Cup

This year every participating athlete has been assigned to one of three teams. These three teams are facing off to win the Cup by gathering points throughout the 5 weeks of the open. Points are assigned as such:

1 point for every athlete who submits a score for each WOD by the end of the workout window
3 points for every athlete who finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for each WOD within the pool of UB athletes
5 points will be assigned by staff each week to the team who shows the most spirit. What is spirit? We'll know it when we see it! 


Olivia Graff

Olivia's athletic origins lie in gymnastics and circus arts. After finding CrossFit in 2007, she became obsessed, and three years later left her IT career and opened United Barbell. Olivia is particularly passionate about helping people new to fitness to find joy in their growing athletic abilities. Since the birth of her daughter, Isis, in 2013, Olivia can add helping little ones find their athletic path to her list of passions.