The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Growing up, my mom would always remind me, "Life is 90% attitude and 10% what happens to you." This week, I would like to acknowledge a women whose attitude is 100% awesome. 

Kate came to UB in January of 2015, recovering from injury. Working closely with Coach James, she began incorporating herself into group classes, expanding to membership by June. This little lady has drive and tenacity that I don't often see at the gym. Every time Kate is in one of my classes, I feel like I'm witnessing something amazing; a fierce drive and determination (often accompanied by PRs).

Just this week during our 1 mile time trial run, Kate tells me that this is the first time she has run the big block without stopping...and she did it twice! Weeks before, I noticed her being challenged by some higher box jumps and reminded her that she could choose a lower box to finish up the workout. She looked at me and said, "but this is harder for me, so I need to do it." A couple of months before that, I ran into Kate at the Turkey Trot SF 5-Mile. As with may other trotters, I went as a social pre-Thanksgiving feast activity with friends. Kate showed up by herself on that cold and early morning, because she wanted to challenge herself with a longer distance race. These are just a few recent scenarios that come to mind where I have been inspired and humbled by Kate. 

It's so easy to take good health for granted. I could be bummed because I STILL don't have that darn ring muscle up or because my "Diane" time this week was a minute slower than it was last year or nervous about what the Open workouts will be. Kate's attitude reminds me to show up and do the work and be happy and thankful for my body's capabilities and the things I CAN do. Kate rocks. Be like Kate.