An Experiment in UB's Program Postings

To help support you and your athletic goals, we are experimenting with posting our week's programming in two doses: Monday - Thursday, Friday - Sunday.  This, along with the week's post of our SWOD program, will allow you to properly prepare for classes (because nobody wants to have to bring two pairs of shoes for a WOD that only require one), as well as assist those who participate in other sports to pick WODs that will best serve their goals and needs. 

As we experiment with this new system, we would like to warn you of one caveat.  WODs, just like life, sometimes produce unpredictable outcomes.  As such, we reserve the right to change WODs mid week to better suit your needs as a population.   As changes are made, we will update the site to reflect substitutions. 

Are you the person who likes to be surprised by the WOD?  Keep your eyes on the blog and off our CrossFit program page and you should be fine!