Want to Get a Competitive Edge on the Open??

Some people hear "CrossFit Open" and think run away!  Some people think fun!  Others hear it and think let's get down to business!  This post is for those in the last camp and want to take Open prep to the next level. 

For the next 3 weeks (yes - that means today!) we are re-purposing the Friday night level 2 class into a CrossFit Open Prep Class with coaches Colleen and Jon.  This class is open to all individuals who want to take their open game up a notch.  Each class will attack an Open WOD from past years.  The first 15 minutes will be an opportunity to hear coach Colleen and Jon discuss strategy to help you develop a sense of how to break down a WOD and optimize your efforts.  Afterwards, the class will divide between the RX and scaled divisions of the WOD, prep and go.  This is a great precursor to Friday Night Lights (aka THE 2016 OPEN!)

... STILL havent registered?  Get on it!