Meet Your 2016 CrossFit Open Besties

It's the moment you have all been waiting for.... The House Cup team announcements!  Here is a reminder of how points break down:

  • 1 point for every person on your team who completes the week's WOD
  • 3 points for the top 3 placing males/females of UB that week
  • 5 bonus points will be rewarded to one team deemed "the spirit of the open" each week.  More than 1 amazingly awesome spirited team?  Maybe 2 teams win the spirit of the open that week

The winning team will be showered with glory, along with being immortalized on a plaque and other awesomeness.  Check back next week for more on the UB House Cup happenings!

Don't see yourself on the list?  You must both register for the open and select CrossFit SOMA as your affiliate to play.