Doing the Open the Open Way

I have heard a lot of hesitation around the CrossFit Open Scaled Division.  After hearing the questions and concerns of many of our athletes, I think it's time we have a heart to heart. 

The scaled division was created to make the Open inclusive.  No, it was not just for you who are almost at that RX weight, or almost have that muscle up.  It was made to be inclusive of the CrossFitters out there who are still working to get a double under and those who still need assistance on pull ups.  There is one scaled division (made to make comparing yourself to a world of other CrossFitters simpler).  This left those in the middle dissatisfied.  Sound familiar?  Let's chat.

If you are one of the people who feel RX is "pushing it" but scaled feels "too easy" here is my advice based on your particular questions/concerns:

"But I almost have a ___"

If you can do all the workout but 1 movement, and are close to being able to achieve that movement, please consult a coach.

"But the scaled version is TOO EASY"

I would like to answer this one with a story.  Lisa S. is one of our level 2 athletes who completed the open 100% in the scaled division last year while being 8 months pregnant.  She ended up taking 6th in the region in the scaled division.  I asked her if she thought the scaled version was easy.  Here was her response.  "Yes, the movements are more simple than the RX division.  But that means more reps and a harder workout.  You have to push yourself.  It's a different kind of workout than the RX division." 

"I would rather do a hybrid of the Scaled and RX"

We are not allowing this for the open.  Why?  IF you decided to do a hybrid, it invalidates your score completely.  That's right.  Your score won't count for the open NOR will it count towards the House Cup.  Check your ego.  Do the scaled version.

"But I'm not participating in the Open"

See above.  No matter which workout you do, it will be a good workout!