The Weekly Dose of Awesome

So, here we are in the middle of the 2016 CrossFit Open. 16.3 is going to be announced today and everyone is waiting, guessing, sweating. What’s the workout going to be? Have we seen the WOD that is the line in the sand? What skill do I need to make it through the whole Open RX? My guess? Bar muscle up*. If you are almost there, this is the week to get it.

There is one among us who isn’t scared, because he’s ready. He’s put in the work, and conquered the bar. His name is Ryan McGargar and he recently got his first bar muscle up. While a bar muscle up is awesome enough, that isn’t the only reason I chose to recognize Ryan this week. As a coach, there are few things I appreciate more than an athlete whose goal is to consistently improve. Ryan is that kind of athlete. Whether it’s taking coaching cues in class, showing up early to warm up or asking for help figuring out a new skill, he’s always working. Consistency is the key and Ryan always shows up.

... ok, thats a lie - this is his second. We didn't catch his first on tape.

Congratulations on your first bar muscle up, Ryan! Get ready to show it off in the Open.

* - The opinion of just one UB coach