The Open and Beyond - What's Next

I absolutely love the Open.  Facing the open gives athletes the opportunity to face skills and goats that they may not spend much time on the rest of the year.  Many have fabulous "first" experiences, finally figuring out how to connect mind and body to get that bar muscle up, or having just enough adrenaline and mental fortitude to stand up with that clean weight. 

Even if you don't have that magical "first" moment, it is still an opportunity to see gaps in your training as an athlete.  Then its up to you - what's your plan?  How will you divide and conquer in 2017? 

One thing you should absolutely doing is getting more time with your gymnastic skills.  No matter if you have none, 1, or 50 muscle ups, sign up for our Gymanstics Seminar with Dusty Hyland and start your 2017 open year's training right.

WHEN: Saturday, April 9th from 12:30 - 4:30

WHY: What is the most common deficit for the CrossFit athlete?  Gymnastics skills!   Queue Dusty and his gymnastics seminar!  Want to see a sample of Dusty's work?  Check out SkillWOD or his series "Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland" on Breaking Muscle.

HOW:   Register on our Mindbody page here, and reserve your space!

Because we all deserve that magic moment, again and again.

Because we all deserve that magic moment, again and again.