The Weekly Dose of Awesome

When people join the United Barbell, they join for all different reasons.  Some try CrossFit for a few weeks or months and find it's not for them.  Others take to it like a moth to the flame.  Our week's awesome was definitely the latter. 

This man's story begins with UB a little over a year ago.  He walked through our doors quiet, maybe a little nervous out the gate, but he was also attentive to coaching and worked diligently to get himself both fitter and stronger.  CrossFit went from a twice a week thing to a twice a week plus SWOD thing, to a routine 4 days a week where he gets to get his swole on.  That's right, our man has become a regular UB bro.  So much so, I've decided tochange his name to Alan Bro-Yeung.

Alan has continued to impress us coaches with his consistency and effort.  He is the kind of athlete who pushes himself to be better every day.  This year Alan has even decided to give the CrossFit Open a shot.  He has donned the name "The Incredible Hulk" on his orange "The Ultimates" team.  Alan has come a long way over the last year and is still ready to take on his continued journey.  This Hulk will be smashing PRs for years to come.  Alan is truly awesome!  Thanks, Bro-Yeung, for making our family a little greener!!