The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Today's Awesome lights up the 6:30am classes with a contagious, positive energy and willingness to meet all challenges.

A self-described morning person, (to quote her husband/fellow UB athlete Dan, "She just wakes up like this!") Molly L must laugh at us mere mortals complaining of our 6am wake-up calls. And that's probably because this amazing athlete has already survived the rigors of military life.

You read that right. Molly dedicated 6+ years of her life to the Navy, finishing her service as a Training and Readiness Officer on the DESTROYER SQUADRON 23. All caps because, well, that's badass. And a friendly reminder that dynamite can, and does, come in small packages.

Earlier this summer, when I subjected Molly to the sadistic UB birthday ritual (an assault bike calorie sprint to match her age), I made the mistake of attempting to cut her short before she was fully finished. Undaunted, she refused, shrugged me off and pushed harder, committed to finishing exactly what she started.

And that's the same attitude she brings, everyday, to every WOD.

For that, and so much more, Molly L is our Dose of Awesome this week. Keep up the great work, Molly, we're honored to have you on our Squad!