16.4 House Cup Standings

As we enter into 16.5, the team placements couldn't be closer!  It will surely be a race to the finish.

Some notes about the points to you who are keeping track: 

  1. We decided to award participation this week despite not logging scores into the Games site.  However, we hope you all record your scores this last week!
  2. 2Fit2Quit has lost a member who elected out of the open in week one.  Since this puts them at a single team member disadvantage, I have awarded the team 5 points
  3. No team stood above the rest in terms of spirit points.  I hope this encourages you for our final Friday night!!

To note for Friday:

  1. We will be announcing the house cup winner Friday night at the end of the evening.  This means you must complete the workout Friday in order for it to count for the cup.
  2. For those who want to celebrate the victors or the successful end of the Open, we hope to take over our neighboring brew-pub.  Three cheers for