The House Cup Wrapped Up

This year's CrossFit Open had many firsts.  The first lunges or bar muscle ups in a WOD, athletes getting their first chest to bar pull ups, and UB's first annual House Cup!  

Thank you so much to all who participated!  The open truly is a special time when some consider themselves athletes for the first time, and many perform better, faster, stronger than they knew they were capable of.   Then add team shirts, tutus, hashtags, team concessions, trash talking - and the UB Open experience was absolutely next level!  We can't wait to see how this tradition will continue to grow in numbers and spirit the coming years.  If you have and ideas or feedback, please let us know how to make 2017's Cup that much better.

And now, onto the winner!  The final results were neck in neck but The Ultimates pulled ahead and took home the cup!  Great work to our heroes in orange!  

and here are more memorable moments from 16.5....