The Weekly Dose of Awesome


Just like his self proclaimed spirit animal, an ox, Vince has stormed through UB and leaves a trail of competitive legacy on our legends board. He calls himself "The Ox King" and never shies away from any competition. Ultimate Lift Off? No problem, just warming up buddy. UB Fight Gone Bad fundraiser? Ok, getting warmer. Partner up with Coach Max and head off to a Powerlift meet at CSA? Ah, right at home here. Roll right into the JigSaw partner competition with Jason Luk? Let's start smashing. 

You can see a trend here. True to his superhero name, Vince is not afraid to trample through it all including this year's Friday Night Lights Open. He may be fierce in competition but even more a positive force in class. As you can see from above, Vince isn't shy to partner up and he always has a positive outlook no matter what we coaches write up on the board. 

As you read this, Vince has charged off to Shanghai on his next work venture. The UB faithful will keep watch for The Ox King to return one day again.