Power Supply Meals at United Barbell

If you were here on Friday night, you probably notices Tao Tao hanging at a table handing out yummy samples of Power Supply meals.  Starting today, UB will now be offering Power Supply meals for purchase.  Want to try it out? Click here for free meal.

Power Supply partners with local chefs to create menus of delicious food that change weekly and is free of gluten dairy, and sugar AND no this doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard (just ask the coaches or some of your fellow members like Lisa and Jeremy Reither, Dave Huynh, Maria McGinley, or Anita Hsieh to name a few). What makes Power Supply different from say the bazillion other food delivery places in the Bay Area? Here are a few things:

  • The people that work for the company are CrossFitters, own CrossFit boxes, or active in some way.
  • There is no mandatory subscription period – you pick your meals and can get as few as 3 or up to 10. You are not locked in.
  • We deliver the food to UB (Mondays/Thursdays) in the fancy fridge that’s coming on Friday the 4th.
  • Macros are listed online with 2 sizes of Boost (11oz of food) or Standard (15oz of food).
  • Ratings from the meals are taken very seriously and changes are regularly made based on majority feedback.
  • Tao Tao is the Head of Ops for SF.  As a picky eater, she stands by her company's product.

(A not from Tao Tao: For everyone on RP, it’s possible whether you’re cutting or massing. I usually get a Boost size and end up splitting it between two meals. For the guys, it’s probably easier ... Dusty Hyland has said it matches his breakdown almost exactly.  I’m sure you guys are tired of reading all this now so give Power Supply a taste (click here for free meal) and if you hate it, you can tell Tao Tao while you WOD alongside her in class!)