Doing the Open the Open Way: Part II

Another great CrossFit Open WOD is in the books! 

This week things got complicated for judges and athletes alike, so I wanted to take the opportunity to continue our Doing the Open the Open Way series and talk about another concept: respecting the athlete.  This is an important concept regarding accountability and integrity that applies both to athletes and judges, and is an important thing to get, so please take a moment and read through what I'm throwing down...

Respect The Games: The Athlete

Put Your Best Foot Forward - We hope you have enjoyed participating in the Open so far.  We here at UB think it's an honor.  That said, we have some things for you to consider:

Make sure you confirm you have proper score on your sheet, and submit it promptly to the games site.  I regrettably will have to invalidate all scores that have improper tiebreak times that I did not catch in time for the cut off.  I overheard athletes say that it is "just" their tiebreak time and that it doesn't matter, but I will not support our gym competing without the utmost integrity.  (For this week, if you made an error in your submission you will be invalidated for the games site, but your score will be counted for the house cup) I support every athlete completing and submitting a score by checking and validating scores Monday morning so I can contact anyone with errors.  However, it is still the responsibility of athletes to submit their proper score by 5pm.

Additionally, please do not attempt to "game" the system by going for scaled when you are capable of doing the WOD RX. The point of the open is to push yourself to become a better athlete, not to hold yourself back to go for points. The spirit of the scaled points was to be inclusive of all our athletes. (Fair warning, moving forward, if you are "gaming the system" you will get a 0 for that week's WOD.)

Respect the Athlete: The Judge

Know the Standards -

If you are being an awesome teammate and judging a fellow athlete, do your due diligence and make sure you understand the standards.  This applies both to movement standards as well as scoring.  You are doing a disservice to the hard work of your teammate and potentially disqualifying them from the workout by judging them without listening to our briefing and/or watching the CrossFit Standards Video for each WOD. 

Judge with Integrity -

The person you are judging is doing their damnedest to get the best score possible.  So why not give them a "bro rep"* or two?  Bro repping does not respect the work athletes have done over the last year(s) to better themselves.  It also gives athletes an inaccurate picture of what they need to continue to work on.  Help your bro continue to improve by giving them an honest account of their performance.

* "Bro Rep" - when you give someone a rep despite them not completing the standard.

Do the Work -

Fill out the form correctly.  The athletes entire name, your entire name, whether or not its RX or Scaled, the date... basically all of the information the sheet asks for is information that I need in order to validate a score.  It only takes a minute - make sure the form is complete before turning it in.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you Friday!