Thanks Dusty and J-Gray!

On Saturday, Dusty Hyland and Jessica Gray of Skill WOD (an online gymnastics program meant to supplement your CrossFit training) descended on UB to enrich our gymnastics skills.  Four hours later, we all emerged just a little more gymnasty.

Both Skill WOD coaches were engaging and absolutely oozed gymnastics prowess.   All participants couldn't help but walk away with an improved arsenal of gymnastic progressions and solid understanding of what's next on their gymnastics skills journey.  

Throughout the day, the take aways were simple: 

  • Everyone needs core work... that's right, everyone.
  • Gymnastic strength, and more specifically gymnastic strength is a process - you have to do the work and you shouldn't rush it.
  • CrossFitters need more grip work.
  • Understand all the elements of any gymnastic movement and develop your strength and skill involved with each piece.
  • Never forget the endgame -- to get out in the world and have fun with movement and be able to do cool shit.


I hope those of you who attended had as much fun as I did!  Thanks Dusty and J-Gray for taking the time to help us be that much closer to hitting our goals!  I think I can safely speak for all of us and say we look forward to hosting you again in the future!