The Weekly Dose of Awesome: Amelia E

Guys, this chick is awesome. She's an SF native who attends classes at lots of different times, so you probably have met her no matter when your time slot is. It's pretty clear at first glance that she's a strong athlete, but Amelia is also a well-rounded athlete - she CrossFits, she plays soccer, and she even participates in in-house strength competitions at Google where she works. That's right, Google has in-house strength competitions! You rule, Amelia!

Name: Amelia E

Nickname / Alter Ego: AE (I'm basically too lazy to type my whole name, and it stuck with some folks.)

Hometown: Born in SF, raised mostly in Santa Rosa.

Occupation: Brand & Consumer Research (I keep tech people in touch with the opinions of real, normal people.)

When did you first start CrossFitting? February 2012 when I was living in Minnesota

When did you first start CrossFitting at UB? August 2015, a year after I moved back home to SF

Favorite WOD: power cleans are my jam, so WODs with those

Least favorite WOD: anything with double unders; there's bound to be under-my-breath cursing

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? I actually found Paleo first in the course of self-diagnosing some food sensitivities, and it seemed like the two went together. I poked around for a good local gym, did my first deadlifts, and never looked back.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? So many! I've got pretty sad shoulder mobility and I never would have known or started working on it without the awesome coaches who have pointed it out and given me tips over the past 4 years. I'd probably be a hunchback at 50 without that. My bone density is in the 97th percentile for my age group, which is pretty awesome. Also, I never have to worry about subbing for a soccer team last minute. I know I'm in decent enough shape year round to not get too smoked on the field.

What’s your secret talent? I'm a fourth generation pilot, though an out of practice one. I love nerding out to aviation, so if there are any other flying geeks I want to know so I can ask you a million questions.

Olivia Graff

Olivia's athletic origins lie in gymnastics and circus arts. After finding CrossFit in 2007, she became obsessed, and three years later left her IT career and opened United Barbell. Olivia is particularly passionate about helping people new to fitness to find joy in their growing athletic abilities. Since the birth of her daughter, Isis, in 2013, Olivia can add helping little ones find their athletic path to her list of passions.