Vasa's Last Day!

Today is Vasa's last day!  Vasa's job is relocating to the peninsula and will no longer be able to make it to UB to get his WOD on.  We will miss you Vasa!  We are so honored we got to be a part of your fitness journey!

Leaner and stronger! Feels great.

I signed up for CrossFit in Jan and it was a game changer. It was really intense and challenging, especially for someone who's never been to the gym. But United Barbell's community and our amazing coaches Nikki Staley, Trent Simmons and James Kusama really helped me stay afloat. My main goal was to show up every time and not quit. After a few months I educated myself with the diet aspect and started eating clean as well. There was a snowball effect and towards the end, I was working out 6 days a week and programmed my workouts to suit my work schedule and based on how my body felt each day. If anything, the whole process taught me about the importance of discipline and commitment.

Overall, It's been a truly humbling and fun experience.