Goals & Accountability Buddies

Calling out your goals has power.  It keeps you accountable.  Writing them down on the whiteboard makes you face them every time you are in the gym.  It keeps them in the forefront of your mind.  It lets everyone else know what you are after so they can help you achieve them.

There is a rumor that the UB whiteboard has magic powers.  Before the open, we had you write down your goals. Sure enough, one by one, they were accomplished.  Some were getting their long awaited muscle ups, others were getting engaged.  In fact, it was so successful, we got several requests from athletes to have it reappear on the board for the remainder of the calendar year.  So whether it's having a game plan, holding yourself accountable, or a little UB magic, throw your end-of-year goals on the board and get to work!

To make the goal board even more powerful, we've added a color coding system to help you find a training buddy.  What better way to hold yourself accountable to working on that handstand walk, then having someone to do it with?  Use the system to find someone to share your goals, your sweat, your pain. Don't feel like training?  Your partner will be there to motivate you.  Make a PR and your partner is the first to give you a high five. 

So what are you waiting for?  Get in here and commit to your springtime goal!

Gymnastics BLACK
Lifting RED
Cardio BLUE
Mobility GREEN
Participation (attendance/competitions/etc) ORANGE
Nutrition/Weight gain/loss BROWN
Life Goals PURPLE