Mini Series: Everything You Need to Know About Recovering - Compassionate Touching!

The following is such an important topic that I am breaking it up for you in digestible bites.  Welcome back to a mini series created from the article published in Juggernaut Training Systems.  Click here to see last week's installment.  This final week we will be reading about compassionate touching.

Compassionate what? First I’m talking about smoking pot, and now I’m really off my rocker! Well, hold on a second. It turns out that compassionate touching is the standard sport science term for the recovery/adaptation modality of all forms of intimate human contact. This includes formal sport massage and runs the gamut all the way to what you were probably thinking when you first read the term, with all sorts of fun stuff like everyone’s favorite – cuddling – in between.

Why do we lump all these forms of human touch together? The most basic reason is that the literature can’t really tell their effects apart. Possibly outside of specialized forms of medical massage to treat injuries, many forms of compassionate touching seem to have an almost identical effect on fatigue. They all lower it substantially, but the source seems not to matter as much. So whether it’s a professional massage or a gentle back rub by your boyfriend, the effect in fatigue is substantial.

Man, it’s good news all around! Fighting fatigue means getting good sleep, eating lots of food, relaxing with friends, and then getting your back rubbed! Being an athlete rocks! Unfortunately, that about finishes up all of the really powerful fatigue fighters outside of the gym (and of course drugs like testosterone, but that’s for another article). Next, we delve in a bit to the fatigue reduction methods that MIGHT work, but we just can’t be sure of yet.

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