How to Assemble the Ultimate Support Team

The following is from


The Justice League.

The Avengers. 

The A-team. 

What do these groups have in common?

They’re composed of unique individuals with special talents that help everybody else get better (or stronger, or faster, or more badass).

Contrast this with a homogenous collection of clones where everybody has the same strengths and weaknesses.

Imagine having an army of 1,000 Supermans; pretty awesome right?  Wrong!  If we had 1,000 Supermans, it would still only take a wee bit of kryptonite to take them ALL down.  However, when you have Superman AND Batman AND Wonder Woman AND the Green Lantern…suddenly picking apart your team’s weaknesses is far more difficult.

Long story short: Diversity rules!

Today, I want to help you assemble a group of people that you connect with on a regular basis who are going to push you to succeed in fitness and in life.

In this my humble opinion, there are four crucial people that you need to have on your team in order to level up:

The Mentor – This doesn’t need to be some all powerful Yoda that you worship; this is a guy or girl that you know that has had success in the areas in which you want to be successful.  If you want to get stronger and bigger and you’re a skinny nerd, find somebody that used to be skinny that is now bigger and stronger and find out how they did it.  If you want to lose weight or run a 5k, find somebody who has more experience and learn EVERYTHING you can.

The Brother-in-Arms (or Sister-in-Arms) – This is the guy or girl in the trenches with you, at the same level, struggling with the same things, working on the same stuff.  When you have a crappy day, this person knows exactly how you feel.  Because you’re both doing the same stuff and striving for the same goals, you have somebody to bounce any ideas, triumphs, struggles, or suggestions off of in your quest towards a better life. 

The Student – Want to know the BEST way about to get better at something?  Teach it to somebody else!  Now, you’re probably saying, “but Steve, I’m not an expert, I shouldn’t be teaching anybody anything.”  To that I say, “stop talking to your computer,” and then I would say: “think of teaching on a scale of 1-100…1 being a complete newbie and 100 being the greatest expert in the history of the world.  If you’re a 5 on a scale of 1-100, that still means you can help out the 1-4’s!  I still don’t consider myself a fitness expert (and never will), but I like to think I have a pretty solid grasp on helping folks who are getting started and looking to take those first few steps.”

Find somebody that needs help, maybe a coworker or friend who wants to lose weight or begin weight training, and teach them about how to get started.  As you get stronger, and learn from your mentor, you can then compare are share this with your brother-in-arms and then help teach it to your “student!”

The Wildcard – So what the heck is a wildcard?  He or she is the person in your group that is completely unpredictable.  The wildcard constantly keeps you on your toes, pushes you outside of your comfort zone, makes you try new things, and even attempt new activities.  He/she will make you say “WAIT, we’re gonna do WHAT!?  Sigh, screw it, LET”S DO THIS!”  If you’re not in at least one situation that scares the crap out of you while hanging out with a Wildcard, then you’re not saying “okay FINE!” enough. 

So who's on your team??  Call them out in the comments!