Farewell Fabiana

Today we say goodbye to another UBite today as Fabiana travels to Florida for the summer after graduating school.  If you are here in the mornings, you’ve seen her determined and doggedly working after her goals.  In fact, Fabiana comes in just about every morning training for two hours each time and spends her “rest” days following Skill WOD to continue developing her prowess as an athlete.  When friends or family come to down she doesn’t skip a beat and has them drop in to train with her.  What the morning crew will undoubtedly miss the most is her contagious smile and laughter no matter how daunting the workout was.

 Fabiana demonstrated the power of possibility when she suffered an ankle injury resulting in a boot.  Relentless, she creatively figured out ways to work around that injury and continued with a modified training plan as she prepared and continues to prepare for a CrossFit Competition in Florida.  Ending her time at UB on a high note, Fabiana set a number of PRs last week:

Back Squat: 190lbs

Clean: 137.5lbs

Clean & Jerk: 125lbs

Snatch: 105lbs

Strict Press: 87.5lbs

Deadlift 2RM: 275lbs

PRs aside, she brought fierceness, positivity and fun to our community which will be missed in the mornings!  Good luck at your next Stop Fabiana!