Welcome to the Team, David!

As promised, we have another new coach on the block to introduce to you.  If you have been in on Thursday evenings, you may have already had the pleasure of working with him. 

His name is David Mckellar.  This 20 year old, 94 kilo Cal Strength soldier has been only been on the oly competitive circuit for a year and a half, but has already competed on the national stage at the 2015 USA Weightlifting National Championships, 2015 USA Weightlifting Junior National Championships and 2015 American Open.  He has been CrossFitting for 5 years, and has current best lifts of 137.5KG Snatch and 160KG Clean and Jerk (... thats 306/352 respectively for those of you who don't speak kilo).  Want to see him live?  Follow him on Instagram @davidmckellar1.

In addition to being a solid athlete, David's coaching skills are as awesome as his curly mane.  Check him out on Thursday nights coaching oly class or book him for 1 on 1 training to boost your Oly - prowess!

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