Building Your Support Team: the Student (Including a Weekend Challenge!)

On the road to building the perfect support team, we've dug deeper into the mentor and the brothers & sisters in arms.  Now lets talk about the student (no, I am not talking about you!).

One cool side affect of coaching we may not say out loud a lot is that coaching makes us better athletes.  Putting the teacher hat on pushes us to understand movement, points of performance, and the kinetic chain at the next level.

When you can understand how to teach (and correct!) movement, you will exponentially increase your ability to grok it. 

Now, most of you aren't level 1 certified, so I am not telling you to start coaching your fellow UBites and cueing one another in class.  But I am telling you to take your basic knowledge to the streets.  As it said in the original NerdFitness article,

Find somebody that needs help, maybe a coworker or friend who wants to lose weight or begin weight training, and teach them about how to get started.  As you get stronger, and learn from your mentor, you can then compare are share this with your brother-in-arms and then help teach it to your “student!

So what's your weekend challenge?  Fit it Forward!  Teach a buddy to squat (properly!) this weekend.  Make it pretty, post it to Instagram and tag UB.  Winning video gets a free shirt!  You have till Sunday Midnight. 3, 2, 1 GO!