Building Your Support Team: Brothers & Sisters in Arms

Last week we talked about building your support team.  Then we talked about finding your mentor in greater depth.  Now I would like to talk about the second layer to your ultimate support team: your brothers and sisters in arms.

The accountability of a class environment is one of the many things that attracts newbies to try out CrossFit. But soon after you start, it's no longer the class or coach that keeps you accountable - it's your training partner.

You know the person - you share your goals, your sweat, your pain. Whether they're the one you're trying to chase, the person you want to stay ahead of, or just someone you enjoy working with, the right training partner can be an instrumental part of your training experience. Don't feel like training? Your partner's there to motivate you. Make a PR and your partner is the first to give you a high five. When you are having a bad day, they know exactly what to say to snap you out of it and get back to those pull ups.


Do you have a training partner at UB? How do you motivate each other? Give them a shout out in the comments!