The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Hi UB’ers, I’m pleased to introduce our Weekly Dose of Awesome: Man Nguyen! Some of you might know Man from the Orange Team “The Ultimates” in this year’s CrossFit Games Open, where he was known by his super hero alter ego name “The Dispenser,” for being a pharmacist when he’s not at UB.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.24.57 AM.png

Before moving to San Francisco in May 2015, he lived in Washington DC. After a less-than- perfect first impression of CrossFit at the first gym he tried in DC, he decided to give it another chance after walking by CrossFitDC, where he saw people “sweating and looking like they were about to die.”  Man was intrigued, so he signed up and has been crossfitting ever since. He transitioned to United Barbell in September of last year, and has been a coachable, approachable, and hard-working athlete ever since.

“Before CrossFit, I really thought I could never do a lot of stuff.  I mean, after 20 sit-ups I would get a cramp and just stop.  I considered 25 push-ups a workout.  I just thought that was how I was built and that's what I am limited to.  CrossFit has opened my mind about what is possible than what isn't.”

Recently, Man had a July goal to conquer a bar muscle up. With his diligent work ethic and excellent class attendance, he accomplished his goal early - performing 4 bar muscle ups on his first day of getting them! His favorite WOD would be a “Cindy”-type workout, because of the pushups and air squats. He also likes burpees and box jumps. His least favorite WOD would be Karen (150 wall balls for time) or any WOD involving wall balls, pistols, double unders, or abs.

His ideal cheat meal is a good ol’ burger, fries and a beer…followed by a chocolate chip cookie, an oatmeal raisin cookie, and a bottle of coconut water. If you see Man around the gym, be sure to say hello, and congratulate him on being our Weekly Dose of Awesome!