The Final Player in Your Ultimate Support Team

A couple weeks ago, we discussed all the elements to building the ultimate support team.... well, all but one: the wild card. 

The What?

What's a wild card?  It's the person who pushes you to go outside your comfort zone.  They help you get out of your oh-so-analytical head and get after things that, frankly, scare the shit out of you. 

Why is a wild card important?  Because getting outside your box is essential for growth.  Because we can surprise ourselves everyday.  Because life is short and it's a great day to be alive.

Are you the wildcard in your gang? 

I you don't have that person to stretch you, try to stretch yourself!  Personally, I have tried to follow a "try something new a month" philosophy for the last several years (admittedly I have fallen off this wagon in 2016) and it ended up with me adding all sorts of fun flavor & shenanigans to my life. 

The Art of Manliness has a "10-Year Rule" that says "whenever you are presented with a choice, ask yourself which option you would prefer to have taken in ten years."  In most cases, I would imagine your 10 year later self would love to look back and know you were willing to risk and put yourself out there.

So...who is your wildcard?  How have you stretched yourself lately?