UB Prom - Help Us Celebrate!

Do you ever look back at life-events and wish you had a do over?  Or maybe you had so much fun you wish you could do it all over again?  For our 6th anniversary, we are giving you the chance to revisit and rewrite a moment from high school years.... that's right, we are hosting prom! Join us on August 13th from 8-11PM for UB Prom!

This event will be both anniversary party and benefit.  But before we can give you more details, we are asking for your help!  Please take a minute to vote on our prom theme and help us decide which organization will get the proceeds!

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How would you like to see the gym decked out?
Where would you like our proceeds to go? Read below to learn more about the following organizations.

Adaptive Athletes

Crossroads Adaptive Athletes Alliance is a nonprofit leveling the playing field for adaptive athletes. They are fighting to create interactive, collaborative communities nation-wide, providing tips & best practices to increase inclusion.  Check out their mission on their facebook page or on their website.

Westside Athletes

WAA is a not-for-profit organization founded by and comprised of members sweating right here alongside you in the United Barbell community including Chris C., Jon S, Jason L, Nikki S, Joanna G, and others. 

We're dedicated to transforming the lives of teenagers by making functional fitness programs available in local schools, and supporting healthy lifestyle habits.