Fall Schedule & a SWOD Announcement


UB Prom

WHAT:   Do you ever look back at life-events and wish you had a do over?  Or maybe you had so much fun you wish you could do it all over again?  For our 6th anniversary, we are giving you the chance to revisit and rewrite a moment from high school years.... that's right, we are hosting prom!

WHEN:  August 13th,  8-11PM

MORE DETAILS:  Check back Friday for our theme and benefit announcement! 


Shirt Contest

WHAT:   Help us grow our epic shirt collection!  In a couple weeks we will be asking for your best CrossFit/fitness slogans and/or your best shirt ideas.  Then, the community will vote on the best slogan/design and your concept can go down in UB history!  Start thinking now.  Pressure is on! Past winners have included:

  • United We Stand, In Barbells We Trust (Submitted by: Matt E. W.)
  • Make It Spicy, Keep It Spicy (Submitted by: Andrea S.)
  • The Ubicorn (Submitted by: Andrew M.)
  • The Octopress (Submitted by: Anita H.)

WHEN: Submissions will be collected the first week of August

Ultimate Lift Off

WHAT:   The ULTIMATE LIFT OFF is coming! Bring your gains and get ready to rumble!  It's UB's 6th year of getting our super totals on (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, Deadlift).  Who's game? 

This is out biggest competition of the year, complete with medals for winners and PRs for everyone -- so mark your calendars and get excited!

WHEN:  Saturday, September 10th

MORE DETAILS:  More details to come in the coming weeks.

SWOD Announcement

Speaking of PRs, we have a quick announcement regarding all SWOD classes.  To better serve our varying SWOD community, we are trying a little experiment in programming style.  Read all about it here.

Classes will still be open to community athletes who have been CrossFitting for 6+ months.