Get your Prom Tickets!

Hey Guys! Guys? You listening? This is important... and while you're at it, whip out your credit card, because:

Prom is a week and a half away!

Here's what you can expect:

  • 2 free drinks (beer & wine) to ensure excellent prom dancing
  • A DJ that will make your feet move
  • Delicious catered tasty treats
  • Raffle tickets to win fabulous gift baskets are included in your ticket price!
  • Crowning prom royalty (aka 2016 Ambasaddors of Awesome)
  • The fabulous company of your gym community

All proceeds of your 50$ ticket go to Westside Athetes Association, a non-profit organization that brings fitness to kids in the San Francisco school district.

Sound good? Why are you still reading? BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!