Food for Thought: Your Season Starts NOW

Are you planning on killing it in the CrossFit Open next year?  Have some solid goals for how you want 2017 to go compared to opens past?  The following is an excerpt from OPEX to help you set your mind right.  For the rest of this read, click here.


Your Season Starts NOW

It’s early August.

There are 210 days until you compete in the OPENS. (gulp)

If you train 5 times per week that is 150 sessions.

If you need to improve a significant amount in a skill like MU’s under fatigue that is max 60 sessions, with recovery included.

Now all of those MU sessions won’t be fatigue based, so you can really only test them 30-35 times in a year under fatigue at high effort.

And let’s be realistic, you know that you might miss a few times, as well as not peak at those times effectively so it’s really only 20 times in 210 days where you can practice it.

Don’t have a MU?

Can’t perform them under fatigue?

20 sessions you said????

This is just one example where time is NOT on your side. [...]

[...Now...] A few things to understand as you now have some anxiety around those 210 days and know that time is NOT on your side right now.

Get after it, but remember these things as you start:

Own Your Essence

We all have various rhythms and loves and reactions and “ways” of doing things.

Own the fact that there are positives to knowing what your essence is.

  • How you train in volume vs. intensity
  • How you respond to power vs. endurance
  • How you recover after high breath work vs high muscle endurance work.

We all have various things about us that make us UNIQUE, that is our individual POWER.

When I say own it, I know you have to be good at a lot of things – but know what you are BEST at and “own that.”

Realize it’s in your pocket when you need it. Don’t let anything pull you away from that.

Sure you have to train discomfort and outside your zone BUT, ensure you realize how you respond to physical stimuli.

This is higher order awareness in fitness.


I am not sure how else to mange or describe this one.

It is now kind of like nutrition USED to be.

We all KNOW how to eat, when, what kind, etc…it IS pretty simple, but marketing and sales make it complex as they want to make you feel more inferior if you don’t do it their way.

Those times have changed more recently where we all agree on some things as a fitness athlete; carbs are good, sugars are required, being ripped is NOT the goal but might happen, and carbs are good.

For lifestyle, there are still some folks living off cortisol and “managing” and still making some progress for 2 years, but then after 2 years they are simply pale, lack libido, are stronger but don’t have drive for recovery or aerobic capacity.

This is due to believing that they can live like a rock star and still make it, cause others do.

Well, let me tell you a little secret: They DON’T make it.

Those that live long and prosper, sleep “well,” eat to fuel and recover and follow some good lifestyle guidelines.

So as you begin the season, get the schedule out, mark off the training sessions IN this calendar as well as recovery sessions, food sessions, down time session, THEN AND ONLY THEN, can you add in plans for family, work, video games, Facebook, Instagram thumb flipping, etc… These need to be scheduled AROUND your training schedule, not in the middle of it.

Are you serious and want to improve? PLAN the stuff out that is important and make it happen.

Don’t have the time to do this? Then you simply don’t want it bad enough.

Sorry, I know it hurts, but its the truth.

The season begins today.