Prom Rescheduled

Hey party goers!  Were you still in search of that perfect party dress?  Were you still working up the courage to ask your perfect prom date?  Well now you've got a little more time!

We have had an unusually low ticket sale which we believe is both due to summer holidays and small ticket buying window.  We, like many of you, are excited about all the work our UB volunteers have done to create this event for us and want to honor it by making sure it is well attended and the best event it can be!

And so... We wish to have you save the date!  October 8th from 8-11, UB will be hosting a fabulous night benefiting Westside Athletes Association!  Please save the date, and purchase tickets here!

For those of you who already bought tickets, you have been automatically added to the October 8th event.  If you cannot attend, please let us know and we will refund your ticket.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!  We hope to see you there!!