Have You Bought Your Tickets?

Hey Guys! Guys? You listening? This is important... and while you're at it, get out your dancing shoes...

Prom is coming!


Prom is October 8th! 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Raffle tickets to win fabulous gift baskets are included in your ticket price!
  • Crowning prom royalty (aka 2016 Ambasaddors of Awesome)
  • The fabulous company of your gym community
  • 2 free drinks (beer & wine) to ensure excellent prom dancing
  • A DJ that will make your feet move
  • Delicious catered tasty treats

All proceeds of your 50$ ticket go to Westside Athetes Association, a non-profit organization that brings fitness to kids in the San Francisco school district.

Sound good? Why are you still reading? BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!