Look How Far They've Come

It's a special edition of the Weekly Dose of Awesome, and it goes to the recently engaged Coach Steve and long-time badass/ambassador/white-board-doodler Anita. Steve is truly OG. He joined UB way back in September of 2010, became a pillar in our community and later a member of the coaching staff.  In September of 2013 Anita joined our ranks, became another community staple, and not long after the love connection was made!

We couldn't be happier for this super power couple.  Strong as hell on their own, they're even stronger together.  Join us in celebrating Steve and Anita!

Rather than let them answer our normal Awesome questionnaire, I decided it would be fun to let some of their friends and coaches answer for them.  Excuse this extra-long blog post, but please read on.  It's worth it! 

Nickname / Alter Ego: 
ANITA (by Christopher Comma) - Okay: Anita hails from Maryland and there's a type of music that she is familiar with that is specific to the MD and DC area called GO GO. In this culture, women are called 'Shawty' so that is my alter ego name for her... and, of course, #anitadoodles

STEVE (by Coach Jo) - Swole Steve, Silent Steve, Serious Steve... and, of course, Wongster    

Favorite WOD:  
ANITA (by Tao Tao) - Anything without running or a partner WOD with swolemate Tao Tao who can do all the running

STEVE (by Coach Max) - Karen, but you have to row 2k every 25 wallballs. Just kidding... basically anything involving a barbell and lots of plates.

Least favorite WOD: 
STEVE (by former UB coach, now Pacific Strength Owner James Kusama) - Thatโ€™s an easy one... "NANCY". Limiting the amount of hypertrophy by holding a light barbell overhead while squatting simply brings a tear to Steveโ€™s eye. We all know that anything besides resting a heavy barbell on your shoulders to squat, pulling it from the ground, or pressing it off your chest is simply criminal. And to top that all off, you want him to perform a gainz-stripping 400m run before each set? Think there's a better chance Tracy Anderson becomes a powerlifter before Steve ever programs a WOD like this for himself or a client.

ANITA (by Dave Huynh) - If i had to guess, it's Fran.  Anita hates pull-ups. Funny enough, it was in the 2014 Open on 14.2 with all the pull-ups that Steve was Anita's judge and he was giving her all his attention and encouragement.  I was like "Steve, can you judge me? He was like 'no'"

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
STEVE (by Coach Jenny) - Youโ€™d never know it now, but Steve is actually a robot.  He was able to acclimate to human life pretty convincingly, but his mobility gave him away.  While undergoing routine maintenance at PSOAS, his parts manager, Jen Rubenstein, sent him to UB to help him mobilize and blend in.

Whatโ€™s your secret talent?
ANITA (by Tao Tao) - Not sure if this is really a secret or not but Anita is very accepting and can be very gullable at times, thus making it SUPER easy to pull off great surprises (i.e. the engagement and her 30th birthday)

STEVE (by former UB Coach and roommate Trent Simmons) - Steve Wong has the elite power to sell or find anything on Craig's List. Whether it's turning your old collection of 3-star DVDs into a quick buck, or maybe you're trying to channel your inner Julia Child and master the soft boiled egg by finding you a sous vide pressure cooker. It's a rare and gifted talent and Steve's the man!

What is your favorite shower song?
STEVE (by Coach Jason) - Anita once told me it's Fetty Wap - Trap Queen.  Maybe they sing it together ;)

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
ANITA (by K-Tjen) - Skull-crushing thighs! :)

STEVE (by Coach Nikki) - the ability to clone himself so he can be at UB and SF Iron and school and at his favorite restaurant with Anita, all at the same time.