How's Your Coachability

Coach Jason and Mike C developing their coachability

Coach Jason and Mike C developing their coachability

Let's play a little mental experiment. Imagine ... You are in the middle of a WOD.  You can feel the lactic acid creeping in and your form starts to break down - but you keep plowing through.  Cue your coach - they tell you "reset your back!"  "knees out!" or "head position!"  Now for the important question: how do you react?  Do you listen or do you just keep moving for the sake of finishing with a faster time despite poorer mechanics, performance and safety risks?  Do you take a moment to hear what is being said, or do you get angry and frustrated at the coach for interrupting you?  What ever it is, your reaction is a measure of your coachability.

For those of you who don't make the corrections, you might be thinking: "I want to be faster & I want to win, so just keep moving."  Maybe you are thinking "it hurts so bad, just get through it."  Or perhaps it is as simple as "I can't calm my body/mind down enough to listen,"  But before you commit yourself to these mentalities - let's look at the consequences:

  • Safety:  This is the most obvious.  We coaches are trying to help you achieve your goals in an orthopedically safe manner.  We have your best interest in mind.  If you choose to ignore your coach, you are potentially putting yourself at risk of injury.
  • Bad habits die hard:  Movement is built on repetition.  If you do 5 perfect deadlifts during a warmup but do 30 poor form deadlifts during a WOD - which do you think your body will remember? (Keep in mind your habits will then determine the positions, postures, and movements you adopt outside of CrossFit)
  • Performance:  Our goal as coaches is to teach you perfect form, and then challenge your capacity to maintain it under change - such as load or high intensity.  Performance is your ability to do exactly that.  If you slop your way though to the finish, you are not only missing out on the physical benefits of doing an exercise right, but you are missing the point all together.

All of that sounds pretty bad, right?  Well here's the good news: coachability is a mental and physical skill.  It is another layer of technique.  Once you become aware of it and put in the effort to improve it, you will allow us to more effectively give you the tools you need to become the rockstar athlete you want to be.