Erica's Gr8nola

Are you excited for the lift off this weekend?  You should be!  In addition to the PRs awaiting you, there is also great shwag for the top three gents and ladies.  Think Mark Bell's Sling Shots, Power Supply, UB gear, and a scrumptious prize from one of our very own: Erica W!  Read on to learn about Erica's Gr8nola.

Many of you guys already know or recognize me from noon class, Monday SWOD or the occasional evening class, but allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Erica, but you can call me the Walter White of granola!  Like many of you, I’m super passionate about health & nutrition and delicious food. As we all know, it’s a hard act to balance both, but I truly believe we should have access to products we love because of both the way they taste and what’s in them. Following this passion and conviction, I built my own granola business, gr8nola (“great”nola), that I want to share with each of you.

Here’s how you can support!

For 1 & 2 below, send me email me at

  1. Try some! Shoot me an email and I can bring it to the gym so there’s no shipping cost (I have 1 flavor currently; the Original; UB price: 1 bag for $7 or 3 bags for $20)

  2. Introduce gr8nola to your company as a potential snack option! (I currently supply Google, Lending Club and other tech companies in the Bay Area!).

  3. Like my Facebook Page & follow my IG account

  4. Tell your friends!

But for those interested in the back story: The product was created as a result of my lifestyle, values and drive. So, to get to know more about gr8nola is to get to know me :). Check out my story on my website to learn more!