Simply Awesome

How was your Saturday?  I bet not as magnificent as Coach Joanna and Brittany's!  Why you ask?  Our Wednesday morning ray of sunshine and her lady got hitched!


When I first met Joanna, Coach Jon told me "this awesome friend of mine is dropping in for the CrossFit Open."  What he didn't say (and couldn't have predicted) is that we would also adopt her as her as an ever developing athlete, an indispensable member of our community, and beloved coach. 

When I first met Brittany, she had just stumbled into the chaos of the CrossFit Open with a Disney doe-eyed look of terror.  Turns out, this charming and overwhelmed woman was there to cheer on Joanna.  She was her "athlete support." I soon came to learn that this lady was the best athlete support a person could ask for. 

But the fun didn't stop there.  Joanna eventually won over Brittany into trying CrossFit out.  Quickly, these two became another staple couple of UB.  How they are in the gym together is how they are in life together... always supporting, listening, learning, and striving to make each day better than the last. 

I am truly honored to know both of these fiery and fun women. Joanna and Brittany share the kind of love I hope every person gets to experience in their life.

Congrats again ladies!  We are really happy for you both and hope your lives together are as extraordinary as your sunset back-dropped day!