16.3 - Fast, Furious, and Another New Open Movement!

Coach Alex predicted it in yesterday's blog, and it's been the guess of many that they'd show up at some point this Open - BAR MUSCLE-UPS!  Hopefully you haven't been neglecting the rings' less-sexy sibling when practicing your MUs.  Here are the details:


7 minute AMRAP:
- 10 power snatches
- 3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.
Women use 55 lb.


7 minute AMRAP:
- 10 power snatches
- 5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men use 45 lb.
Women use 35 lb.

After a couple complicated Open WODs, we get back to basics with a traditional couplet AMRAP.  The twist is the bar MU.  If you've never attempted these before, find some time to practice.  They ARE different from ring MUs.  I've added some helpful videos down below.    

Tips for this week:

  • Kippin' it real - you want EXPLOSIVE hips, and mobile shoulders/lats/thoracic muscles.
  • This workout will eat up your forearms and grip - get those loose and ready.
  • Bar MUs are notorious for ripping palms.  Tape or wear grips/gloves if you have them.
  • Please don't neglect your warmup.  You want to go into this ready for a sprint.
  • Double-check your score sheet and turn those in to a coach - and mark the tiebreaker time!
  • Read the standards, and watch the video below.

Dusty Hyland on how to master the bar muscle-up.

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