16.5 is... What No One In The World Wanted It To Be

Just kidding!  Maybe... I have yet to find evidence of the contrary.  What I do know is that not one, not two, but THREE of our members guessed this workout with 100% accuracy!  Lauren and Kim from The Ultimates, and Dan from the Black Mambas all nailed it.  So well done to you all!  Jenny will decide how we divvy up the 5 bonus points in the House Cup and announce that at UB on Friday night.  For those interested, we had 43 guesses for 16.5.  32 people guessed it would have box jumps in some fashion.  23 guessed thrusters in some capacity.  15 people (including me) guessed a couplet of box jumps and thrusters.  Maybe next year!

But if you haven't already heard, 16.5 is 14.5.  So like all Opens since repeats were possible, we have a repeat workout.  It's just not one many people wanted to re-do.  Like, ever.  This one is a test of engine, efficiency, and will power.  Here's how it goes:


- Thrusters
- Bar-Facing Burpees
Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.


- Thrusters
- Bar-Facing Burpees
Men use 65 lb.
Women use 45 lb.

Here are my tips for this week:

  • If you did this in 2014, go look up your score on the Games Leaderboard (filter it back to 2014).  Use that as a starting point to set a goal for this time around.
  • You'll hear a lot of talk about "gut checks" and "just grinding thru," but efficiency in these movements is just as critical.  With efficiency you don't work as hard per rep, meaning you can sustain that effort longer.  Here's one, and another, good article from CrossFit Invictus on thrusters. Here's one on burpee styles, and a video from Carl Paoli on burpee technique.
  • As is the case for so many Open wods, PACING is absolutely critical.  Go out too fast on this one, and you'll spend the workout convincing yourself not to quit.  Set a pace you can maintain for a long time.  That might mean breaking up thrusters you could normally do unbroken, or taking extra breaths between burpees you might not think you need (at first).  
  • I know many of you have attempted these Open wods multiple times each week.  In my opinion, this is not one to do twice.  Get yourself ready for this mentally, give it your best effort, and don't look back.
  • This is the last Open workout of 2016!  Enjoy the moment with your gym buddies.  Reflect on your learnings and gainz from this year.  That's really the beauty of the Open.

Rudy from The Outlaw Way has to say about 16.5 (it's what he said about 14.5)