Pushing Through

Getting through long workouts like Morrison yesterday can be challenging.  You want to have fun.  You want to see results.  Unfortunately, these two things don't always go hand in hand.  Upping your intensity to the max during a workout isn't easy.  It isn't comfortable.  You look at the board, think "I am only on round two.. of five" (and let's admit it, round two is the worst), take a few defeated breaths before bearing down back into the workout just going through the motions.  Or even worse, you look over at uber-fit Mr. X, who glistens instead of sweats, and who is already wrapping up round four.  So what's the solution?  Pick a WOD goal for yourself and stick to it.  "I am going to do the next set of 7 unbroken," "I am going to finish this round before minute 6:00," "I am going to finish the workout by 18:00."  Whatever it is, giving yourself small carrots to chase after can help keep you focused and pushing yourself to do your best during the workout.