When in the CrossFit world, there are a lot of buzz words floating around.  One of my favorites is virtuosity.  In a an early CrossFit Journal article, Greg Glassman describes it:

Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well.” Unlike risk and originality, virtuosity is elusive, supremely elusive. It is, however, readily recognized by audience as well as coach and athlete. But more importantly, more to my point, virtuosity ... is always the mark of true mastery (and of genius and beauty).

Mastering technique is something that takes time and consideration to achieve and is something that must constantly be worked and reworked.  But the learning process doesn't end with the skill sessions.  Virtuosity requires you stay mindful throughout the WOD.  It is form plus speed that makes CrossFit effective.  If you squat above parallel or miss full extension, sure, you will finish with a faster time.  But you will lose both functionality and efficiency.  And bad habits will only get worse as you apply that same squat to more complex movements, like the clean.  You will be cheating yourself for a better time.  And considering the amount of energy and sweat you put into each workout, to not get the full benefits out of your efforts is lame.

Form is key, and mastering your technique will allow you to be more efficient, effective, and injury free.