Coach Jon, Patrick B., and James K. at the NorCal Masters

What are you doing this weekend??  Here is what you should be doing...


The NorCal Masters is an annual two-day competition for Masters Athletes, with age divisions of 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+ in both genders. It's a great mix of intermediate masters athletes all the way to Games competitors.  Why should you care?  Patrick B., Coach Jon, and OG coach James will all be competing! 

The 7th Annual TJ’s Events NorCal Masters competition will take place at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA on Saturday/Sunday January 28/29.  It's a nice, big, open facility right on the water. 


Patrick - (55-59) All WODs: Heat 3, Lane 9 at 8:56, 11:46, 12:43, & 2:37

Jon - (40-44) All WODs: Heat 9, Lane 3 at 10:14, 1:04, 2:07, and 3:43

James - (35-39) All WODs: Heat 11, Lane 15 at 10:40, 1:30, 2:34, 4:05

Saturday Schedule

8:30-11:19am Workout 1 

11:35-2:24 Workout 2

12:30-3:45pm Workout 3

2:45-5:08ppm Workout 4

SUNDAY (Heats may be re-ordered based on results)

Patrick will go at 8:41 and 10:59

Jon at 10:09 or 10:20, and 12:11 or 12:20

James at 10:42 and 12:38

Sunday Schedule

Workout 5 - 8:30-10:53am

Workout 6-11:05am-1:02pm

Finals (Top 5 per division)--1:30-3:40pm

Awards Ceremony ASAP following finals

Workouts have yet to be announced. 

Join Coaches Nikki, Shannon, and Max, as well as Dave H. and Chris C. in cheering for our gents!  There will be plenty of parking, seats and tents are allowed (no seating otherwise).  (Tickets are CASH ONLY - $15/day or $25/both days)

Want more info?  Check it out here.