Coach Jason's Recap of UB's Epic Saturday

This past Saturday was the fifth annual local competition at CrossFit Jigsaw which is a box that my high school pal Dal opened up after joining me on the CrossFit journey at CrossFit Milpitas.  What I appreciate about the event Dal has been putting on year after year:

  1. Cause: The proceeds have been going to a charitable cause and this year he donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

  2. Community: The volunteers making this event possible are true representations of an engaged and caring family including friends from other boxes.

  3. Programming: Dal’s programming always demonstrate the variety available in CrossFit including less commonly practiced movements such as DBall carrying over a yolk.

The Workouts:

Workout #1 - Ski + Dball

  • Max reps in 5 minutes
  • Ski 100/70 Calories
  • D-ball over Yolk (100#/80#)

*score is number of calories + D-ball over Yolk completed

Standards - Ski, 1 partner working at a time - D-ball - Ball must travel from one side of the yolk over the Yolk bar and touch the ground - Yolk height will be set to 5'0" men/4'6" women

Workout #2 - 20s

As many rounds as possible in 13 minutes

  • 20 Deadlift (135#/95#)
  • 20 Wall ball (20#/14#) (10'/9')
  • 20 Alternating one arm dumbbell snatch (50#/35#)

*Score is reps completed

Standards - 1 partner completes a round then tags in partner 2, alternating rounds until the time cap. Open standards for movements

Workout #4 - The Finale

2 rounds for time (15 minute cap)

  • 80 Box jump over (24"/20")
  • 70 Ground to overhead (75#/55#)
  • 50 Pull-up

*Score is time to complete or time cap + 1 second per uncompleted rep

Standards - 1 partner working at a time, switch as needed.

Box jump over - 2 foot take off, both feet must touch the top of the box and touch the ground on the opposite side to complete rep

Workout #3 - The Complex

8 min - For load (combined btwn partners)

  • 5 Front squat + Jerk (no rack, bar starts on ground)
  • Buy in 25/18 calorie Row before each attempt of the complex

*Score is highest load completed by teammates combined

Standards - Must complete row before each attempt. Barbell starts on ground, can squat clean for first rep. Must complete complex without dropping bar.


The Teams:

This is the fourth year that I’ve rallied UB Teams to represent and we had a great showing this year with:

Blondetourage: Loryn & Amy

*3rd Place Finish with a 1st Place achievement on the DBall + Ski Erg

Game of Thrusters: Coach Lisa & Kaitlin

*2nd Place Finish and consistent 2nd Place achievements across all four events

Team Obscure Reference: Coach Max & Skylar

*4th Place Finish with three 3rd Places achievements throughout the day

Solid C+: Sean and Jeremy

5th Place Finish

Beauty & the Bear: Coach Jason & Ter-Bear

9th Place Finish

Our ladies dominated the podium with Game of Thrusters just two points shy of first!

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 7.57.07 PM.png

Some additional highlights:

  1. Love: A big heartfelt hug and thank you to members of the community who made the trek down from the city to support the crew including: Coach Jon, Coach Nikki, Chris, Ester, Hayley, Sunli, Adam, Kim, Brian, Emery (who cheered her Mom on), Van, Dean and Adrian.

  2. Subs: TerBear enrolling his girlfriend Kaitlin who was flying up to cheer as a spectator into teaming up with Coach Lisa after Gill was no longer able to compete due to a travel conflict and then Coach Nikki enrolling Amy into taking her spot after encountering a knee issue the week of.

  3. Team: Adam shared how the concept of partnership really shined through when he saw individuals pushing their teammates to be their best and stepping up when necessary mid-WOD.

  4. Community: Adrian loved seeing how many non-competing UBers came out to support demonstrating true friendship which was apparent even amongst the Competitors who shared tips and advice while hanging out between heats to help each other win.

  5. Strategy: Brian shared how he had so much fun watching the UB teams strategize on the way… Jeremy/Sean figuring out their box jump strategy, Amy and Loryn sorting out the Dball up and over technique.  He thought the Front Squat + Jerk Complex was an interesting event, whereas all the other events one could adjust on the fly if needed, this event you really only got one shot each.  High risk, high reward.  And not easy to pick a weight and commit without wondering if the choice was going to be too conservative or too aggressive!

  6. Nutrition: Getting tips from Nikki on timing, quantity and macro snacks during the day to replenish between events.

  7. Retirement: Max pulling Skylar back into a Competition since he declared retiring after becoming Colleen’s boyfriend.

  8. Motivational: Ester shared how watching all teams compete moved her.

  9. Hips: Chris was blown away by Amy’s Powerful kipping pull-ups which almost had her doing chest to bar!

  10. Posterior Chain: Everyone getting lit up here by WOD #2 (20s) after just a single round!

  11. Stoicism: Chris was impressed by how Max and Skylar approached each workout.

  12. MeatStone: Seeing these two former UBers competing as a team for the fifth year in a row was fun (Rich and George).

  13. Mom: She back squats more than my body weight, volunteers at the event and also texts me a few days beforehand requesting that I not wear a Speedo.  Photo above was taken by her!

  14. Music: Dal gets DJ Irwin who has DJ’d for the CrossFit Games to play some great tracks and since I went to High School with him too, he knows to insert a Rihanna track for my heat with just a wink of my eye.

  15. Lunch: Coach Max identifying an awesome Sunrise Poke Team sushi spot for us to celebrate at afterwards followed by some soft serve ice cream.

For some additional personal insights, here are what some of the other Competitors shared with me:

Coach Lisa:  Today was an interesting day meeting my partner for the first time 30 min before our first event.  However even with the game plan going in and the reality of the workout it was important to be willing to change and adapt to the unknowing (as Greg Glassman would put it).  There are many things that you can’t control and things that I wish I would have done differently through the day...  Such as picking a heavier open weight on the jerk complex, but I can only learn from my misses and use then later for training.  I’m grateful for today because I was able to push myself to an uncomfortable place and use that experience to better myself.  Sometimes it’s hard to get into the gym or make time to workout but I find it’s important to carve out that time for myself and to keep pushing towards my goals.  Overall today was a great day of testing myself having fun with my friends and connecting with my partner and new best friend Kaitlin who killed it.

Loryn: My highlight was crushing the Dball/ski erg WOD with Amy. We only had practiced together 5 mins before but we worked so well together.  Jigsaw is a a great example of how tight knit the UB community is.  Everyone is so supportive of each other.  Everyone should try out competitions, whether it’s hosted by UB or another gym. It makes CrossFit even more fun!  Also, if workout number four ever pops up on the UB whiteboard I will definitely be skipping it.

Amy: It's probably a good thing that I didn't have much time to contemplate my first competition. As a last minute sub, there wasn't time to get nervous or worry about my performance so I just showed up with the twin goals of having fun and making sure my teammate Loryn had a good experience. Loryn and the entire UB contingent was incredibly supportive with encouragement, strategy tips and nutritional guidance (thanks coach Nikki!). I'm not going to lie, it was hard but I had a great time pushing myself and cheering on my fellow UBers.

Skylar: My biggest learning was never to underestimate myself.  I saw this as a fun contest and was not concerned about getting on the podium.  Max and I passed a couple opportunities for an extra rep or two.  I thought the other teams would be much farther above us which came back to haunt us when a few extra pounds in the lift or a single DBall raise would have boosted us to third place.