The Weekly Dose of Awesome


This week I want to highlight an athlete who is a little newer to UB. Nick P. may have only been at United Barbell for 5 months, but in that time he has become an esteemed staple of the morning crew.  In fact, since arriving, the man hasn't missed a beat.  He always contributes to each class with his upbeat persona, a friendly greeting to any new face, and a "never give up" attitude with each and every WOD. Nick exemplifies what all boxes hope for in an ideal community member. He is determined to get it right, even when it means starting from scratch -- he knows it is all a part of the journey to becoming a more efficient, greater athlete.  Which he has undoubtedly become since joining the UB family.  Thanks for playing with us Nick!  You are super awesome!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.11.14 AM.png